Hearing Check-Up

Hearing Check-Up

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid



Now you do not need to book appointments for Ear Checks.
Visit us between 10.00am to 2.30pm 


Ear Wax 

The Association provides our own Wax Removal Service for adults and teenage young people of secondary school age and above. This is carried out using the latest high powered Zeiss Microscope and a vacuum suction machine.

Hearing Test 

Pure Tone Audiometric Testing carried out in our new Soundproof Room. This measures the ears responses to various sounds at different volumes. This enables our hearing advisors to compile a complete hearing response table known as an audiogram which gives an accurate measurement of your hearing ability.

Hearing loss prevention

We can offer advice on hearing loss prevention and we sell ear muffs and earplugs to protect your hearing in noisy situations. Musicians call in and seek advice on ear plugs suited to your needs.

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