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About Us

About the Hearing Association

Hearing Association, Wellington is a member of Hearing NZ, Te Kahui Rongo o Aotearoa

Our purpose is to advocate for and advance the interests and welfare of the hearing impaired in the Wellington region.


Our mission is to be the centre of prevention, education and rehabilitation for the hearing impaired. As part of this, we also provide ear health services and awareness and support on ear health and hearing loss prevention.

How we connect:

Our role includes education and awareness support in the community regarding ear health, hearing protection and hearing loss prevention.

Advocating for the challenges faced by our deaf and hearing-impaired community.

The services we provide include:  

  • Ear Wax Removal by micro-suctioning (very gentle suction method).

  • Mobile ear nurse clinics to residential care / rest homes.

  • Support community classes i.e., lip reading.

  • We stock batteries for hearing aids, filters and assisted hearing devices for sale. 

  • We provide advice, information and are available to give group talks

  • Become a member and help support the cause ($40/annum, $55 Joint membership)


Contact us:

Phone: 04 384 7017


Providing you with the best ear care health services and support. 

Erena Tapiata - President

Dr Lisa Seerup - Former President

Barbara Shaw - Treasurer
Jo Vilipaama - Interim Manager

Libby Cossar BN NZRN - Ear Health Nurse

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