About Us

About the Hearing Association

The Purpose of the Association has been established to advocate for and to advance the interests and welfare of the hearing impaired in the Wellington Region.


Our Mission is to be the center of prevention, education and rehabilitation for the hearing impaired in the Wellington Region.


We will continue to grow relationships with the hearing loss community across the Wellington Region by:


  • Continuing education into the dangers and consequences of hearing loss


  • Developing an appreciation of difficulties faced by the deaf and hearing impaired


The services we offer are on the department page. 


Workplace Hearing Tests (price by negotiation


Private Audiologist available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at Kent Terrace Ph 04 889 3664


Providing you with the best nurses for the best care

Dr Lisa Seerup - President

Barbara Shaw - Treasurer
Buddhika Hapuarachchi - Manager
Libby Cossar BN NZRN - Ear Health Nurse

Trudy Bruyn – Hearing Advisor/Ear Health Nurse

Michelle Walker BN NZRN - Ear Health Nurse